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A more modern version of GO Keyboard


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GO Keyboard 2015 (also known as GO Keyboard 2015 - Emoji, Emoticons) is an app that lets you replace the traditional keyboard on your Android with an easier-to-use one that has more features and emoji.

One of the new features is support for multiple languages, which means that it recognizes the words you write and even changes the keyboard layout according to the language you choose.

Another great feature of GO Keyboard 2015 is word prediction, which identifies the words you use and lets you write them faster by typing the first letter or two. Thus the more you type, the more it learns and the faster you can communicate.

Other features include the highly precise integrated dictionaries, which let you know the meaning of any word in any language, and the emoji keyboard, not to mention lots of additional plugins that you can find to customize your Android.

GO Keyboard 2015 is one of the best virtual keyboard alternatives that you can find for Android – and its millions of downloads are proof of that.

Requires Android 2.1 or higher

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